Our People

The people who work at Commerce Machine treat your business as if it was their own. We take great pride in our work, we’re overachievers, and show up each day to earn the trust of each other and our partners.

Garrett and team at Commerce Machine have helped BestSelf Co. triple their Amazon Sales over the past couple of years. I’m always pleased with their professional attitude, responsiveness and depth of knowledge in the space. My confidence in their capabilities allows my team to focus on what we do best: creating intentional products that help others live their best lives.

James Bake

COO, BestSelf Co.

Our Story

Commerce Machine was founded in 2017 by a team of successful entrepreneurs that had started multiple online direct consumer brands and scaled them to millions in sales.  Our team was constantly being asked for help by people in our network that were struggling to grow their brand and product sales online, so we decided to start an ecommerce consultancy and thus Commerce Machine was born.  We have evolved over the years from building out and optimizing Shopify storefronts to developing and executing on effective paid media strategies to offering best-in-class online marketplace management services.  Today, our team of proven ecommerce experts is dedicated to helping our brand partners achieve the best possible results on Amazon and beyond.

Our Team’s Operating Principles

Raise the Bar

Ambition helps you strive to be an expert at your craft. Integrate your learnings and share your successes broadly because when you get better, the bar is raised for everyone around you.

Work with Pride

Build a personal reputation at work that you can be proud of. Embrace ownership, take initiative and welcome accountability.

Challenge the Status Quo

Critical thinking breeds innovation; start with the goal or purpose and work backwards to find the right approach. When someone else is going through the motions, speak up and help them break through.

Be Meticulous

Perfection is impossible, but you can get close by paying attention to the details in every situation. When there are deficiencies big or small, notice and take action to improve.

Earn Trust

Build strong working relationships by assuming positive intent. Seek out and accept feedback for yourself or team and take responsibility for your shortfalls. Favor facts and data over anecdotes to build a common understanding.


Exceeding expectations requires little additional effort but creates a high impact. To overdeliver, first establish expectations, then aim above them and execute.

Our Culture

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Driven by Data

Everything we do is backed-up by insights from comprehensive research and data.

Expert Thought Leaders

We pride ourselves on being proven Amazon and Ecommerce experts that our constantly educating our team, partners and others so we can collectively grow together.

Professional and Principles

From the inbox to the boardroom, we always operate with respect, transarency and the utmost integriti towards everyone's business.

Client Service Obsessed

We treat your business like our own, losing sleep over your challenges and celebrating your wins.

Long-Term Holistic Thinkers

We’re interested in impacting your entire business, so we commit ourselves to a balanced approach and keep our eyes on the future.

Join Our Team of Amazon Experts from Around the World

As a growing company, our need for talent is constant and expansive. Join our high performance team that shares a passion for helping brands succeed online. Email us and tell us a bit about yourself.