Our Tailored Services Help Brands Thrive on Amazon and Beyond

We are a leading online marketplace agency that delivers results with our comprehensive selling services that cover brand strategy, listing optimization, content production, product launching, advertising, inventory management, business strategy and more.

Commerce Machine’s comprehensive Amazon marketplace management services seamlessly moved us over to Seller Central from Vendor Central which resulted in 5x sales growth and improved profits in the first year. They are a trusted and valued partner that handles all things Amazon for us.

Alex Tshering

SVP of Marketing, FIGS

We Are Your Team of Online Marketplace Experts That Fully Integrates With Your Business Operations To Drive Exponential Growth

Our team has an unparalleled approach to growth, strategy and client servicing that is guided by our decades of experience in e-commerce, advertising, investment banking and venture capital. We are deeply integrated with partner brands as their trusted team to handle all things related to selling in online marketplaces like Amazon and Walmart.

Full Marketplace and Seller Account Management Services

Our team of experts can fully manage all aspects of your Seller Central and Vendor Central accounts.  Commerce Machine’s unique capabilities stem from in-house technologies, a comprehensive service offering, and proven optimization and growth strategies that help brands make the most out of their investment in the platform.
As a fully aligned partner, we will leverage our extensive expertise to effectively handle inventory, fulfillment, content creation, SEO, advertising, branding, international expansion and much more – all under one roof.  We can help your brand navigate the confusing ways of Amazon and other online marketplaces to boosts sustainable growth from loyal customers to new audiences with services like.  Our team will manage your day-to-day Amazon business and maximize its potential on the channel with these services

Inventory Management, Reimbursements and Forecasting

We ensure proper inventory levels are kept to minimize fees while maximizing sales, and that you are reimbursed for FBA fee overcharges.

International Marketplace

We have helped numerous brands expand beyond the US into international marketplaces in North America, Europe, Asia and South America.

Brand Control
and Brand Registry

We will ensure you control your brand and all your listings in all the international marketplaces and that your intellectual property is well protected.

Marketplace Compliance

We will make sure all your listings and seller accounts meet Amazon’s policies.

Case Log Management

We can effectively navigate the nuances of cases to resolve issues quickly.

Pricing Strategy

Data-driven pricing analyses to identify optimal pricing for desired results.

Catalog Management

We optimize and manage all aspects of marketplaces with expertise in large catalogs.

Listing SEO, Conversion Optimization and Creative Services

Most customers start their shopping journey on Amazon (67%+ according to research) making it the #1 product search engine. Our Amazon SEO specialists take a data-driven approach to optimizing your listing content to be discovered in the marketplace.  We use industry leading technology tools and proprietary processes to identify highly valuable keywords to rank well on organically to drive robust sales growth.  Your sales conversions will increase as your products are organically exposed to the most relevant customers.

Product listings are one of the most important ways to showcase your products on the Amazon storefront.  A listing with complete and engaging product information at the customer’s fingertips will result in improved sales conversions. Our content optimization experts will handle everything from product sales copywriting to photo and video asset creation. Our goal is to keep your customers engaged and provide them with the all the necessary information needed to make a purchasing decision.

Proprietary Keyword Research for SEO

Data-driven keyword research will properly expose your product to relevant audiences to drive awareness and sales.


Produce keyword-rich and benefit-driven copy that leads to optimized search ranking and higher conversion rates.

Product Photo and Video Asset Creation

Our in-house creative team will produce engaging content that elevates your brand and product to further drive sales.

A+ Content and Brand Story

Better feature your product’s/brand’s benefits and features with enhanced images and text.

Brand Storefronts

Showcase your brand and products in a multi-page, immersive shopping experience.

Coupons, Promotions & Deals

We will advise, setup and manage all coupons and promotions to drive further sales growth.

Amazon Advertising

We help your business profitably grow on Amazon by maximizing your advertising ROI through a variety of proven strategies that are tailored to meet each brand and products objectives! 

Our Amazon advertising experts utilize industry-leading tools, proprietary algorithm optimization and decades of experience to develop and execute on customized strategies for all Amazon advertising campaign types. We are able to effectively grow brand awareness, sales and profits while beating the competition through our robust experience with Amazon advertising in promoting new products, increasing visibility, cross-selling, increasing market share, and defending brands/listings.


Sponsored Products

Promotes the visibility of each individual product listing on the most relevant traffic on Amazon.

Sponsored Brands

Highlights your brand and products to relevant traffic through custom image and video ads.

Sponsored Display

Helps reach the highly relevant audiences across the marketplace and the entire Internet.


Provides insight into how non-Amazon marketing channels are impacting your performance on Amazon.

Social and Direct Response Marketing

Our team manages millions in advertising spend across Facebook, Google, Tiktok and other platforms. We leverage our experience in digital marketing to help amplify a brand’s and product’s marketplace growth by strategically driving off-platform traffic into the marketplace that improves product visibility and cultivates strong sales growth.

Facebook Advertising

We develop effective ad creative, copy and targeting that produces desired results.

Google Advertising

Utilize search and shopping ads to get in front relevant audiences that drive sales.

Tiktok Advertising

Produce specific creative that resonates and converts with Tiktok users.

Influencer Marketing

Engage specific influences to grow a brand’s awareness and sales and produce valuable content.

Klaviyo/Email Marketing

Help clients create email marketing campaigns that help further drive marketplace growth.

Customized Real-Time KPI Dashboard, Business Consulting and Ad Hoc Reporting

We provide all clients a customized real-time KPI dashboard that they can log into at any time to check on all important performance marketplace performance metrics, including sales, advertising, inventory, and listing traffic.

We also have a team of corporate finance experts that provide financial modeling, accounting support, legal support, budgeting, business strategy, and ad hoc reporting/analyses for clients.  These services help partners fully understand their marketplace finances, evaluate expansion opportunities, properly budget, and more.