Case Study


E-Commerce company experiences 3 straight years of 20% or greater YoY unit product sales growth while also improving ad performance.


BestSelf Co is an e-commerce company that designs productivity tools that help people achieve their goals and become their best selves. The company specializes in the fields of productivity, tools, journals, and prompts. It was founded in 2015 and headquartered in Texas, United States.


The Obstacle

Prior to partnering with us, Best Self Co. was lacking brand awareness and experiencing slow growth on Amazon. They were also struggling with high and inconsistent ACOS . 

Commerce Machine Solution and Services

While with Commerce Machine, they improved ad performance from an ACOS consistently above 40% to under 25% within a year while increasing YoY sales by 25%.

Full Channel Management

Brand Awareness

Advertising Expertise

Marketing Expansion

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How We Helped

Full Channel Management

Complete Amazon account management in both North American and European marketplaces.

Listings Optimization

Complete optimization of their entire catalog which included, images, copy, A+ content, and storefront.

PPC Campaigns

Optimized PPC Campaigns to increase visibility of the brands and maximize sales and profitably. 

Paid Media Services

Optimized Facebook and Google Ads improved conversions and traffic to their Shopify site as well as set up Tik Tok ads.


Achieved by 2022 after 3 yeas of collaboration.

100 $
Total Ad Sales
45 %
ACOS Achieved Within a Year

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